Hi, my name’s Emily and I’m addicted to Instagram.

It’s true, what an amazing source of inspiration, motivation and photos of beautiful things (mainly consisting yarn stash jealously!).

If you don’t know, Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to share photos or videos and follow other people’s photos and videos. You upload photos of your current project, selfies, dogs, food, architecture etc. and use the edit tools and preset filters to enhance them.

You can then write a caption and use hashtags which will allow people who search for that hashtag to see your photo. By following other accounts you see their posts come up in your feed. You can then ‘like’ posts and comment too.

I set up my Instagram account (@emygurumi) mainly so that people who follow my personal account didn’t get fed up of seeing my woolly creations and endless balls of yarn arranged in pretty ways!

Using hashtags such as:





(perhaps be a bit careful with #hookerforlife …!)

you can see what other people are creating and get such a sense of community as everyone is sharing a hobby or passion. You can find someone making crochet doilies in America and someone else making chunky scarves in Europe in one click and there doesn’t seem to be any distance between them at all.

I could spend hours scrolling through these hashtags, finding new ideas and accounts to follow. It’s a great way to spend my daily commute on the train which just isn’t quite long enough to get my hook out but I can still spend the time immersed in the crochet world

Some of my favourite accounts are:

@allaboutami run by the amazing Stephanie who is a crochet designer who makes the most amazingly adorable amigurumi and gorgeous wearables.

@knotbad is a lush account from Vincent, another designer who makes cute amigurumi and you can see his progression through his posts.

@twinkiechan makes amazing colourful creations, turning wool into items that look good enough to eat!

@crochetgirlgang is a collective showcasing projects from other accounts

@weareknitters and @woolandthegang are shops selling gorgeous wool and kits and their posts of yarn are beautiful

There are of course so many thousands of other individual accounts like mine, just doing their own thing and documenting their crochet projects.

I like to be able to share my creations with other likeminded people, enjoy theirs and also to be able to look back and remember all the littler projects.

Do you have your own crochet Instagram? What do you love about the platform? Get double tapping!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 14.04.48.png


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