Hello there!

Welcome to my blog all about crochet.

I’ve been considering starting a blog for ages as I think my friends and family are sick of me going on about crochet so this is probably a good way of being able to talk about it without boring anyone…well hopefully! I’ve been inspired by so many amazing crochet blogs out there and learnt so much from them. Hopefully my little musings about crochet may be of some use to someone.

A little bit about me to start with…my name is Emily and I live in Durham in North East England. I’m 26 and started to crochet properly when I began my university degree in Southampton. I was very homesick quite a lot of the time (Durham to Southampton is far…!) but crochet would help me pass the time in between uni work while watching Come Dine With Me. We have a dog called Jaffa who likes to lie on whatever wool or bags of stuffing I have around me on the floor, which is of course really helpful.

The wonderful women in my family are all amazing at sewing, needlework, embroidery, knitting and crochet, which is where my love of crafty things clearly comes from! I remember watching my Great Gran crochet blankets for charity, which she did way into her nineties, and being amazed when my Granny told me that Great Gran had embroidered tablecloths we used and had crochet fine edges on handkerchiefs. My Granny is a fantastic knitter, she made me and my brother lots of warm jumpers and knits beautiful hats for premature babies in hospital. As well as being able to do all of these things, my Mum is a whizz on the sewing machine too, making home items and clothes including making her own wedding dress and dresses for her bridesmaids!

I’ve done embroidery, cross-stitch and sewing projects before, which I do enjoy, but nothing quite grabs my attention like crochet does. I love the motion and seeing a project come together. The way you can shape one lifeless strand of wool into anything you like! I also find it very relaxing, as I work at a screen all day in my job, being able to do something practical with my hands on a weekend and on an evening is lovely. Counting rounds or rows also forces you to not think about anything else for a little while and just concentrate on growing whatever it is that is currently on your hook.

Now that I have mastered the stitches, I find it easy to follow a pattern and crochet while watching TV or chatting to my boyfriend (who is usually on Football Manager…!). It seems like a better use of my time than playing Candy Crush or endlessly scrolling through Facebook anyway.

I intend to use this blog as a way to talk about my crochet thoughts and hopefully connect with likeminded hookers about all things crochet! Like I said, I am new to blogging but it is something I’ve been fancying doing for a while now. Apologies in advance for any waffling, I will try to be consistent in posting and to try and take better quality pictures for you all. Maybe this can be my mid-years resolution!


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